Brazilwood/ Sappanwood

Brazilwood/ Sappanwood

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Dye extract comes from the heartwood of trees from the genus Caesalpinia. Colours achieved from this dye range between the spectrum of deep crimson reds to warm reds and beautiful coral hues. The tree is closely related to logwood trees and the two dyes do compliment each other. An authentic dye from the medieval period is wash fast. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for long periods of time. 

With alum as a mordant work with 50% - 100% weight of fabric to achieve crimson red.

20% weight of fabric will give you warm reds, pinks or corals. 

Slightly hard water gives best results so you can add finely ground chalk powder - Calcium carbonate can assist in brightening the colours. 

Once dyes, please dry your fabric in shade.You can overdye with Indigo to achieve beautiful purple shades. 

Available in 100 gms packaging.