Hello! Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment? We are!

We believe in sourcing natural sustainable fabrics which are ethically made. Our business is built with a concept of mindfulness about the future of the world and our environment. We offer a diverse range of beautiful natural fabrics including silk and wool, along with blends such as modal with cashmere, modal with silk , beautiful soft blends of wool and silk and many others. We specialise in hand loom products bringing you hand-spun yarn which is then put together as Khadi Silk as well as hand spun wool which in turn is made into handmade Pashmina. The irregularities in handmade products add to the texture and have a rustic feel to it. All our fabrics are authentic and tested with natural dyes and Eco-print techniques.  We hope you love our fabrics as much as we do. 

All prices in AUD.